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USPS Liteblue Login: What is Self Service Profile or SSP?

1. What is Self Service Profile or SSP?

Self Service Profile or SSP is the application where USPS representatives deal with their login accreditations for USPS worker self-administration web applications. SSP enables you to deal with your entrance to USPS web applications that offer helpful, private, and secure approaches to finish worker chose exercises. These Self-Service web applications are LiteBlue, PostalEASE, eIdeas, eOPF, and eReassign.

Confirmation utilizing the more grounded security verification secret key for Self-Service web applications is required starting at 4/28/14.

2. What befalls my PIN? Do despite everything I utilize my PIN?

You utilize your EIN and PIN to sign on to USPS Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone lines, for example, the Jobbidding IVR, PostalEASE IVR, and HRSSC IVR. The USPS PIN (4 Digit Number) is utilized for USPS HR Self Service Interactive Voice Response telephone lines. The Self Service Profile (SSP) Password (solid secret phrase) was executed for all USPS web HR Self Service applications (for example eIdeas, eOPF, eReassign, PostalEASE, and LiteBlue).

3. Is SSP Secure?

Truly! SSP is secure. Nobody can see your SSP data. Your PIN, Password, and Security Answers in SSP and the database are scrambled.

4. Who approaches SSP?

Each USPS representative can get to Self Service Profile SSP to deal with their profile. Sign into the Self-Service Profile (SSP) application to set up your profile, at This is simply the main area for changing your administration Password .

5. How would I sign into SSP?

To sign into SSP, on Internet Explorer (IE) type in the location bar. Or then again from the “Blue Page” enter SSP in the

program address bar. When dealing with your profile you will have the chance to change the PIN and Password to something effectively

recollected. This is simply the main area for changing your administration Password.

6. I simply got a letter with a secret phrase for SSP. What do I have to do?

The secret phrase in the letter is just a transitory SSP secret phrase. The transitory SSP secret key can’t be utilized to sign in to any HR Self

Administration applications. You should initially change the transitory secret phrase to a lasting secret phrase. On the off chance that it is your first time into SSP or on the off chance that you

have as of late had your secret key reset, the SSP application will walk you through the best possible advances.

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